Jalebi and Fafda for Revelries

In Indian cuisine, Jalebi is something that doesn’t need introduction. The crisp and juicy spiral-shaped sweet is deep fried in maida flour batter and soaked in sugar syrup. It is served either hot or cold. It is enjoyed not only in India, but also in Middle East and African regions.

 While it can be enjoyed anytime, hot jalebis are much relished during monso

Posted by : PratikshaRavindran | 2018-03-26

  Thandai – For Making Summer Season Refreshing

Thandai, also known as sardai, is an Indian cool and refreshing drink prepared from milk, sugar, dry nuts, rose petals, saffron strands, almonds, fragrant spices, cardamom, etc. The term is itself derived from the word “thand” meaning cool. The thandai masala is first made from a paste of the various nuts and spices and then boiled with milk and

Posted by : AshwiniPEC | 2018-03-06

Sweet flavour of India: Gujarat – Basundi, speciality in sweets

Basundi is a traditional Gujarati dessert made of sweet condensed milk and sugar, garnished with cardamom and nutmeg, with the addition of dry fruits. A total treat to taste buds, it is also popular in the adjoining regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka and is similar to the North Indian sweet item Rabri, with a slight differenc

Posted by : AshwiniPEC | 2018-02-07

How Mithai Shops Are Going Digital

In this ever-evolving era when everything is going digital, businesses are making sure that they don’t get left behind. You can get everything online under the sun in this digital century! And so at a time when everything is available online, why should the humble sweet shop be left behind? The

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Posted by : PratikshaRavindran | 2018-01-15

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