Most of the people of West India fulfill their sweet cravings by having the delicious ‘Shrikhand’. It is one of the main desserts of Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. This popular sweet is made from strained Yogurt. Not many people know that shrikhand has been made since even before the time of Jesus Christ in India.

The fact that it is still popular since that time says a lot about it. The

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6 shades of halwa

The humble Halva is one of the most consumed sweets in many parts of the world. Even in India, it is a favourite of many. Halva has many types, depending on the ingredients in it. But the basic two types of classification are as follows: 1. Flour based, 2. Nut-Butter based. Different types of halva are consumed in different countries

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healthy traditional sweets

Most of the parents use one concept of the sweets being unhealthy, esp. for the teeth, so as to discourage their children from eating more of them at a time. Although, this might be correct to an extent; still, do you know that these same sweets also have some health benefits for you? The only trick is t

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Diwali and Gifts


Who doesn’t know Diwali? This festival of lights is now popular even in the west. It is the biggest festival to be celebrated by not only the Hindu community but nowadays, also by people of other religions. This festival is grand in terms of everything; whether it is firecrackers, lamps, new clothes and who will forget sweets.

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navratri bhog related with colours


In Hinduism and Sikhism, Prasada/Bhog is a religious offering which is generally a food substance. During religious occasions, it is offered to the Gods, and then consumed by the worshippers as a Prasad. In the Navratri festival too, there is a tradition to offer bhog on all the nine days. So we have come up with nine different healthy and delicious sweets for y

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Delectable Indian Fusion Desserts


The Indian timetable is choc-a-block with celebrations like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Dussehra, Diwali etc. Aside from shopping, festivities, and brotherhood, there is something that adds significantly more excitement to your merry soul, and that includes sugary liberalities, as Mithai-gorging hits the rooftop.


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