How Mithai Shops Are Going Digital

In this ever-evolving era when everything is going digital, businesses are making sure that they don’t get left behind. You can get everything online under the sun in this digital century! And so at a time when everything is available online, why should the humble sweet shop be left behind? The

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Posted by : PratikshaRavindran | 2018-01-15

9 Dry Fruit Benefits You Need To Know

                The initial introduction to dry fruits for most of us surely must have been that of food which is healthier than the usual regular fruits. Although they are available in small packages, they have an abundant amount of vitamins, proteins, dietary fiber, and mine

Posted by : PratikshaRavindran | 2017-12-08


Most of the people of West India fulfill their sweet cravings by having the delicious ‘Shrikhand’. It is one of the main desserts of Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. This popular sweet is made from strained Yogurt. Not many people know that shrikhand has been made since even before the time of Jesus Christ in India.

The fact that it is still popular since that time says a lot about it. The

Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-11-10

6 shades of halwa

The humble Halva is one of the most consumed sweets in many parts of the world. Even in India, it is a favourite of many. Halva has many types, depending on the ingredients in it. But the basic two types of classification are as follows: 1. Flour based, 2. Nut-Butter based. Different types of halva are consumed in different countries

Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-11-07


healthy traditional sweets

Most of the parents use one concept of the sweets being unhealthy, esp. for the teeth, so as to discourage their children from eating more of them at a time. Although, this might be correct to an extent; still, do you know that these same sweets also have some health benefits for you? The only trick is t

Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-10-30

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