Most of the people of West India fulfill their sweet cravings by having the delicious ‘Shrikhand’. It is one of the main desserts of Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. This popular sweet is made from strained Yogurt. Not many people know that shrikhand has been made since even before the time of Jesus Christ in India.

The fact that it is still popular since that time says a lot about it. There are obvious reasons why shrikhand can be called as one of the best options for having as a dessert. One basic ingredient of shrikhand is Milk. There comes a good amount of health benefits. Shrikhand is among the many Indian sweets which take time to be made.

                So a majority of people tend to buy shrikhand from the sweet shop than making it on their own. It is made in many different flavors apart from the basic one like mango, motha etc. the Mango variety, called as ‘Aamrakhand’, is equally popular as the basic shrikhand. Most of the people who consume shrikhand have it in their dinner and lunchtime. It contains many essential nutrients like vitamins, calcium etc.

                You get a host of health benefits by having shrikhand. It is good for your skin, hairs, it also helps you in giving a good sleep. One more reason people have shrikhand is that it helps you to keep your body cool because mostly it is served cold; straight out of the fridge. This dessert is an excellent option for those who want to gain weight.

                Shrikhand is also good for our bones and teeth as it has a good amount of Calcium in it. Since people consume it along with their lunch/dinner they have it with the chapatis or other food items. It is one of the easiest to get dessert as it is readily available at almost all the dairy shops, and it is also available for cheap for all.

Thus, you can see that shrikhand is a very good dessert to have. It is readily available, has many health benefits and is also cheap to your pocket. 

Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-11-10

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