How Can Chocolate Be Beneficial To Your Health

                It will be very difficult for you to come across a person who doesn’t like chocolates. It has the power to bring a smile on the face of those who are sad, females, in particular, go weak in their knees with the sight of a chocolate. Although, most of us heard in childhood about how bad the chocolates can be for our health, recent studies contradict that. Yes, there can be benefits of these brown and tasty bars.


In many parts of the world, different studies have proved different benefits of chocolates. In a way, chocolates are similar to tea, apples, red wine etc. the main health effects of chocolate are related to the heart. The cardiovascular benefits include reduced risk of heart failure by as much as one-third. The arteries and veins of heart stay supple thanks to the flavonoids present in chocolates. It also affects the cholesterol levels in us; as we eat chocolate more than a few times, the bad cholesterol levels are reduced while the good cholesterol levels are increased.

                Chocolate also aids effectively in weight loss. In a way, it is called as ‘Superfood’, the ultimate comfort food. One small bar of chocolate can make you feel full. It also helps in preventing a stroke. If you feel stressful at any time, one of the solutions is to munch on some chocolate. It helps to reduce the stress hormone levels and its metabolic effects.

                Chocolate also has some good effects on our skin whether it is internally or externally. Some people are known to apply chocolate packs on their face. It also provides us with a good amount of energy as it has a lot of calories.

                If you notice one thing, it is also beneficial for us psychologically. Since so many people love it, the mere sight of it can trigger the feel-good hormones in us, making us happy, refreshed and vibrant. 

                It is not necessary that in every situation and quantity you will get the benefits of chocolate. Too much of anything is never good for your health, likewise, even chocolate need to be consumed in appropriate amounts to get the full health benefits. Minimum quantity is always recommended over more quantity. After all, it is normal to indulge in chocolates.  


Posted by : PratikshaRavindran | 2017-12-15

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