Is it that we Indians need festivals and celebrations to have sweets? Well, it’s a fact we don’t. When it comes to sweets, especially Gulabjamun or Kajukatli it fascinates all of us. Maybe after or before meals, or maybe in the evening, one bite of sweet, makes our day!!!


As the word sweets we hear, first thing comes into our mind is Calories!! Well does eating sweets regularly makes you fatter?

According to the research, those who consumes sweets every other day were no more likely to be overweight or be a great risks of diseases than others who treated themselves about once a week or less.


Let us know few more things about sweets consumption-


  • The most popular sweetener in the world, sugar, was invented in India. Any event in India is commended with admission of sweets.
  • Consumption of sweets on daily basis is not likely to be overweight or have greater risk factor for chronic diseases. But moderation is an important part. The frequency and quantity of consumption should varied.
  • The frequency and consumption is not associated with the liability of obesity, using measures such as BMI, waist circumferences and skinfold thickness.
  • There is no such evidence provided that sweets should be consumed without limits, but it is suggested that people should treat themselves without increasing risk of obesity or heart disease.
  • Sweets contributed an expected 44 calories for each day, or just around 2 for every penny of the aggregate caloric admission of a normal grown-up. Marginally more than one teaspoon of included sugars, of around 5g, in the weight control plans of grown-ups every day which relates to a small amount of the 100 to 150 calorie maximum point of confinement of included sugars
  • Sugary beverages, grain-based treats, and sweetened organic product drinks - represent around 60% of the aggregate included sugars consumption for adults.
  • There is always a place for little delights, for example, sweet, in life. A little treat with some restraint can positively affect inclination and fulfilment, and as emerging research suggests, minimal impact on diet and health risk.


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Posted by : Ummesalma | 2017-08-17

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