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In Hinduism and Sikhism, Prasada/Bhog is a religious offering which is generally a food substance. During religious occasions, it is offered to the Gods, and then consumed by the worshippers as a Prasad. In the Navratri festival too, there is a tradition to offer bhog on all the nine days. So we have come up with nine different healthy and delicious sweets for you this navratri.

One big attraction of the Navratri festival is the nine colour theme for the nine days. Each colour is prefixed for a day. People wear dresses of that colour and do other things related to it. But have you thought of one thing? What if the bhog that you offer, be in the same Navratri colour as for the respective day? Nowhere is it written that the bhog that is offered, should be a particular food only.

Bhog can be offered in the form of any food, even Mithais. There are so many Indian sweets to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the options for the bhog to be in the Navratri colour and the sweet which can be offered.

  • For the first day, the colour is Yellow. You can use Kesar Peda as the food for the bhog offering. It is made with a pinch of Zaffaran and is truly plain.

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  • For the second day, you can use the Trikuti mithai, as the colour is Green. This mithai will be a good Prasad from goddess Durga for you to eat later.

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  • The colour fixed for the third day is Grey. So Rasraj Peda should be your preferred choice of bhog offering for goddess Durga. Made with milk and sugar, the central Angoor is irresistible. Rasraj peda has health benefits too.

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  • Orange is the colour for the fourth day; hence Mango Rasraj is the sweet to be used for bhog. This amazing mithai will be loved by all at your place.

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  • The white colour for the fifth day makes the delicious Pokhraj mithai as the bhog to be offered for goddess Durga.

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  • Sixth day of Navratri has red colour, hence go for the sweet Kaju Litchi as the offering. The perfect blend of kaju with mava will make you have more and more.

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  • On seventh day you can have rasgullas. As they are loved by all. Also you can make or have other mithai of your choice on this day. The colour for seventh day is royal blue.

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  • The carefully crafted Jaimin mithai can be offered on the eighth day as the colour is pink. Thi mithai is handcrafted and is specially designed for maa Durga.

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  • The last i.e. ninth day of Navratri has purple colour; so you can offer Rose Delight as the bhog. This mithai has pure rose flavor and it has no added sugar.

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Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-09-21

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