Diwali and Gifts


Who doesn’t know Diwali? This festival of lights is now popular even in the west. It is the biggest festival to be celebrated by not only the Hindu community but nowadays, also by people of other religions. This festival is grand in terms of everything; whether it is firecrackers, lamps, new clothes and who will forget sweets.

Sweets are an integral part of Indian people; we love to have sweets even for no reason, no occasion. So on a big festival like Diwali; you can just imagine the exchange and consumption of sweets by Indians. A major part of sweet exchange happens on the Bhaidooj day of Diwali. Not only the sweets are exchanged as gifts, the sisters also feed their brothers with a piece of mithai during the bhaidooj ritual.

As India is known for its Diversity, whether it is in languages, cultures, religions, castes etc, there is also a diversity related to sweets. For the Diwali festival, each region of India has their own specialty in sweets, all which are lip-smacking. People gift sweets during Diwali as a way to spread joy, goodwill among them. People welcome guests in their houses with sweets in this festival.

Gifting sweets is not only restricted between the relatives, but also between the neighbors, friends, work colleagues, company, and their employees etc. Sweet shops and companies do a lot of business for this festival and are always in profits. Hence, the sweet manufacturers make special mithais for this festival, gift wrap them in special boxes, and according to demand take bulk orders, make mithais in large qualtities.

Whether rich or poor, all enjoy the sweets, mithais in Diwali, which are enriched with dry fruits, ghee, saffron, nuts etc. Some of the sweets consumed the most in Diwali are Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Kesar Peda, Laddoos, Kaju Katlis, Barfi etc. Gifting sweets has become an integral part of Diwali and will continue to be so, as long as the love of Indians for sweets is there.

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Posted by : theincurablegourmet | 2017-10-11

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