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Most of the parents use one concept of the sweets being unhealthy, esp. for the teeth, so as to discourage their children from eating more of them at a time. Although, this might be correct to an extent; still, do you know that these same sweets also have some health benefits for you? The only trick is that you should eat them in moderation, optimum quantity.

                These traditional sweets have been made since centuries, also keeping in mind the health quotient. They are packed with nutrients, especially the carbohydrates and the right amount of it can fuel your mind and body. These Quality Mithai also give you an opportunity to incorporate fruits in your diet, as some of them have fruits as ingredients.

                One psychological health benefit of having sweets regularly is that they make you happy, and that is a natural reaction of every human being whether you are a child or an old person. When you are happy, the feel-good hormones are released, Dopamine and Serotonin, which promotes positivity and good health in our body.

                Sweets also have chocolate as an ingredient or topping in them. The chocolate itself is known to have many health benefits for us, whether you consume it individually or with these Exotic Mithai. This doesn’t end with only the regular mithais, nowadays there are special health variants of the regular mithais also being made.

                There are Diet sweets, sugar-free sweets etc. all which are healthy enough to be consumed by everyone. These sweets have low calories in them and good enough even for the dieting people. Almost all the mithai makers are now making a sugar free version of their mithais and they are also sold successfully, offline in the shops as well as the online Indian sweets.

But one thing you all ought to know, even the healthy sweets need to be consumed in moderate and optimum quantities. Too much of anything is never good for your health, and too much of sweets can lead to health problems, even up to Diabetes. But that can’t be an excuse to not having them at all. The awesome feeling that you get by tasting them and the health benefits too, are surely not to be missed.

Posted by : RichaTheFoodDoctor | 2017-10-30

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